April 20, 2014

Why You Can't Quit Smoking

Chances are, this isn’t your first attempt to quit smoking. In fact, you’ve probably tried to quit many times before…but you always end up smoking again! Do you know why previous attempts to quit smoking failed? Contrary to what most smokers think, it wasn’t because…

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking

I don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for you, if you aren’t aware of that you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years. But few smokers really understand the extent of the dangers of smoking, or the huge benefits of leaving this nasty addiction behind for good…

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Dealing With Cravings

All smokers are familiar with the terrible, empty, insecure, anxious feelings called “cravings”. And most smokers will also blame “cravings” as the reason they can’t quit right now. But, most smokers don’t understand what they’re really feeling, and how to deal with them properly…

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Do You Know How Smoking REALLY Effects Your Lungs?

Smoking takes the lives of around 90% of all men that die of lung cancer each year, and over 1/2 million people die from the effects of smoking each year. Smoking can either directly or indirectly affect lives in a negative way. You can learn how smoking affects your lungs and make a difference in

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Man Unable to Perform

Who Else Wants to Quit Smoking, AND Get Laid?

This one is for the guys… If you want to please the ladies (in the manly sort of way, I mean) you had better quit smoking now! This is why smoking can’t be manly A new study shows that quitting smoking is a major factor for men to experience bigger, faster erections. And if that

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Person Smoking a Cigarette

The Best Reasons To Quit Smoking

People who do not smoke cannot understand why anybody else needs to smoke. The cigarette pack comes with a warning that smokers are liable to die before their time. As if this is not enough warning, medical doctors always advice smokers to cut out this very dangerous habit. Some of the best reasons to quit

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